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Concept - Burning Man 2023

"Quantum" is an interactive piece designed to be a singular and group experience, containing 2400 LEDs mapped through microcontrollers to an array of six individual sensor panels around the perimeter. The interface will be controlled by one to six people at a time, in varying combinations.

Constructed primarily from laser cut steel, aluminum, and acrylic LGP. The sculpture’s primary structure is composed of two sets of concentric steel rings arranged in radial symmetry. The rings are engraved with laser-cut geometric fractal patterns lit from within by multi-colored LEDs. The lighting effects of “Quantum” are intended to invoke the image of synapses in the brain.

Philosophy of "Quantum"

While the concept of empathy has been supported by scientific discoveries such as mirror neurons and quantum entanglement, it remains generally only understood in an abstract, pseudo-scientific and amorphous way. “Quantum” seeks to use art and technology to manifest this phenomenon into a concrete, physically tangible space. For those that identify as an “Empath”, it is a quality of being that can, at times, be physically overwhelming. We hope to visually animate this experience in real time, and moreover, to cultivate awareness of a deep, hidden connection between all living things–an underlying substrate that binds and connects all matter and consciousness in the universe.

Project Gallery

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